The Maui Bus Tour

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This is the only thing that is not free on the list.  The other things are free if you have the equipment and situated in the right spot to experience them.  Taking a bus tour is a great way to get around and see parts of the island.  It’s not the fancy bus tour that Valley Isle Excursions offers, although they do give a good deal for all that you see and do, not to mention the great meals and free drinks.

A bus tour is the most economical way to see the island and get around to different places.  Using the public transportation system and riding that around the island will give you the opportunity to see Maui beyond the beach.  Catch the bus as it travels through the towns of Kahului, Wailuku, Paia, Lahaina, Pukalani and Kihei to name just a few.  The bus can take you to all the major tourist attractions so you won’t miss a thing and the cost of riding the bus for your entire two week vacation is much less then what you would pay for a rental car for a day.

Check out the bus schedules and plan your days.  It’s also great as you will always have a designated driver too but be aware, they don’t have late routes so your day have to end a bit earlier if you are relying on the bus.