Flying Over Maui

Now flying can be flying in an airplane, helicopter, lighter then air craft, skydiving, parasailing or paragliding.   We love all types of flying.  You have to like flying at least a little bit to make the journey out to Hawaii to begin with.

The most popular type of flying to be had in Maui and probably all of Hawaii is the helicopter tour.  These maniacs, at least from my experience, although very safe and courteous, love to give you a ride like a roller-coaster.  I am not a big fan of roller-coasters as I seem to get sick quite easily, even on the smallest of rides.   These give you a great overview of the island you are on and within an hour can show you all the best spots on the island.  It’s amazing to dip down into the crater or skim along the tops of the rainforest over hundreds of waterfalls.  The feeling of the ground disappearing below you as you shoot out over an ocean cliff is exhilarating.

A trip that I very much enjoyed is paragliding off the slopes of Haleakala on a very fine morning.  Proflyght paragliding gave us a great ride and we caught it all on tape.  The flight is under 10 minutes but it seems a lot longer.  The sailing through the sky on the currents of wind above Kula starting at 6000′ was pretty special.  This is definitely one of the things you must experience on your vacation while you are on Maui.  This is what I imagine sky diving is like minus the scary free falling part which makes me a bit sick to think about.