Deep Water Fishing

Maui is known for many things but deep water fishing is not one of them.  Maybe I am traveling in the wrong circles but whenever I tune into one of those fishing shows, Maui is never a featured location.  There could be a number of reasons for it but they only apply to cost for a television crew.  For those looking for something fun to do in Maui, then taking a fishing excursion should be one of them.

The waters are clear, clean and deep.  The islands are all shaped as big mountains that extend deep down to the ocean floor.  As you might have heard Maui and the Big Island’s mountains would be must taller then Mt. Everest if you measure from the ocean floor.  You don’t have to go that far out to sea to get into some really deep water.   In between the islands it can get as deep as 6100′.

The depths are more then adequate for what a serious deepwater fisherman is looking for, a battle with a Pacific Blue Marlin.   There are also yellowfin tuna, barracuda, wahoo and many other marlin types.  This is definitely the thing do to in Maui for anyone who loves to fish.

There are plenty of boat charters available to take you out.  In most cases you don’t need to book ahead unless your schedule is really tight.