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Maui Arts & Cultural Center is one of the top attractions and fun things to do in Kahului.  There is always some sort of event happening either out on the courtyard or in the theatre.  You can spend many a night enjoying displays of Hawaiian or modern culture.  From comedians, plays, films to orchestras, solo artists and rock bands, there is something on the schedule that you don’t want to miss.

Other things during the day in Kahului to do can range from the farmers markets held at the local malls, the weekend events that include festivals, swaps or street parties.

There are plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants doing something, day or night in Kahului.  Most of these events are tailored to the locals so in most cases they will be similar to what you got back at home.  If you want Hawaiian themed partying this is not going to be the city.

The movie theaters are about the only late night thing going on for the family.  Most of the arcades, mall galleries and box stores close at no later then 10pm.

Sporting Events


Let’s focus on the land sports here as we know there are plenty of water sports to be had on Maui.  To me sports consist of a few things, a ball and a field, course or court of some sort.  Beyond the basic basketball, soccer, tennis, football, baseball, volleyball and cricket, there are a lot of other sports you can enjoy on Maui.  There are always tournaments for every sport going on each weekend during their season.  Check out some of the up and coming MLB players at the stadium in Kahului.   You might find some pro or olympic Volleyball champions practicing on some of the beaches.  If it’s the right time of year and you can jump a flight to hit the NFL Pro Bowl in January.

Golf is a big sport here in Maui with plenty of private and public golf courses.  There are PGA and LPGA tournaments happening year-around.  You will find plenty of celebrities enjoying a round of golf in Maui or hopeless amateurs.   The pricing for golf at some of the public golf courses are very competitive to those found on the mainland and the views are spectacular.

For those of you into adult recreational pickup soccer, games can be found on most nights and weekend afternoons. Under the lights on Tuesday / Thursday in Makawao and other nights down in Kihei.  Big games happen in Kahului in the afternoons on Saturday and Sunday.  Bring your boots and you will fit right in.

Hunting for wild pigs, skateboarding or rollerblading, biking, hiking and other types of sports are available in great quantities.  There are so many sporting options to keep you busy that your vacation will go buy quickly.